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Embrace your body going through menopause with Minimal

Embrace your
body going
through menopause
with Minimal

An AI platform for women's well-being as they transition through menopause. Analyzing already available data from health wearables to track menopause symptoms.

Understand your body going through menopause with Minimal

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Women’s health first

64% of women feel unprepared for menopause;

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Your voice matters

32% of women surveyed said they feel their doctor isn’t comfortable talking about menopause

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Embracing all stages

Perimenopause may begin as early as your mid-30s or as late as your mid-50s.

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Technology should serve

73% Of Women Don’t Treat Their Menopause Symptoms



Let’s embrace changes, together!

As menopause arrives, many of us women go through a phase where physical changes become very noticeable, including moments of intense heat, night sweats that drench, and struggles with mental clarity. These shifts can also bring about feelings of unease, mood swings that catch us off guard, and a declining interest in intimacy. Unfortunately, societal labels often paint women in their menopause years as problematic, moody, or distant, making it a real challenge to navigate these evolving changes. Sometimes, these sensations kick in even before our menstrual cycles bid farewell, and they can linger for decades.

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Giving women the support they deserve during menopause

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Our Features

We got you! Embrace your changes and incorporate them into the life you want to live.


Become a part of a real community – Share and seek advice, and find camaraderie.

Catch Health Hazards

Know when to check-in with your doctor. Menopause symptoms can be misinterpret for real health pathologies.

Personalized Solutions

Minimal uses AI to analyze and predict your symptoms. Giving you time to prepare.

Sync Your Wearable

Minimal uses already existing data from your wearable device. Grab your coffee instead of a long questionnaire.

Health Matters

Improving the lives of 50% of the population facing an inevitable but under-addressed health matters

The Story behind Minimal

Tech for women is personal

Launching Minimal is a deeply personal endeavor, much like it is for the majority of women who are revolutionizing challenging and well-established fields such as technology and healthcare. The vision for Minimal derived from my personal struggles, frustrations and lack of resources. The problems I share with 50% of the World’s population in relation to the most natural life shift in women’s life that we got used to to whisper in shame: MENOPAUSE. I have decided to pave the way with the first AI pattern-predictive tech, that enables women to embrace their menopause instead of fighting it.

The Story behind Minimal

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You are not on your own and your symptoms are normal.

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